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Jivaro shrunken heads

Along the Marañón River, the Jivaro would collect and shrink the heads of an enemy.
Highly sought after as a prized possession, now you too can own your own shrunken head! But without having to conduct a raid or the bloodshed.

Remolded from a vintage kids toy, each pendant is hand cast, hand painted and hand strung by me. They are triple clear coated in both a gloss and a matte glaze. No two are alike and each one will be beaded differently
Beads include real lava stone, wood, shells and glass.

It is hung with either a natural tan or black twine. It will be left long so that you can fit it to where you like it the best.

Everyone loves to get a little head, especially without the mess.


  • Image of Jivaro shrunken heads
  • Image of Jivaro shrunken heads